Infrared Heater using 5 quarts infrared tubes, heats up to 1000 sqaure feet 1500 Watts. Has a controller and roller wheels. Low noise, and one of the most efficient heating methods avaialble on the market. Uses regular house hold 120V / 60HZ plug ins, has pre set climate control / thermostat, over heat protect. Very clean finish, full LED display, Timer, HI/LOW fan settings, auto room temp hold, main unit power switch. Pre set room temp. Longer power cord for proper placement. All brand new, packaged / tested and ready for shipping.   

           Black finish: $170 each / Shipping $39 to Canada, $49 to USA

Black Infrared Heater

$ 170 CAD

1000 Square feet / 1500 watt quarts infrared heater.

                   Mahogany finish: $170 / Shipping $39 to Canada, $49 to USA

Mahogany Infrared heater

$ 170 CAD

1000 Square feet / 1500 Watt quarts infrared heater.


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